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Olive Tree Escapes is a tour operator that provides luxury bespoke journeys to Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. We specialize in designing upscale and customized experiences for the discerning traveler. What sets us apart is that we focus 100% on the Mediterranean area in order to achieve a level of expertise a notch higher than large-spanning operators, and our sales team is US-based to help you plan the trip, while you still get the full support from our on-site offices in Italy and Croatia.

While we can certainly plan great Rome-Florence-Venice itineraries that will go above and beyond the standard trip, our forte is the off the beaten path. Whether the agents would like to send their clients to a cooking class with a Michelin starred chef in his Positano home or a visit to the burrata-making demonstration on a local farm outside Alberobello, we can make this happen. Small, boutique wineries that don't open their doors to just about anyone will have them wide-open for you.

In Croatia there are so many special experiences we can put together, but a personal favorite is an olive oil tasting in Istria. We have access to two great olive oil makers who also happen to be cousins. While one is running a small ecological production, the other has his own oil press and a bit larger production (though still small compared to others). Between the two of them, you will get a well-rounded experience that starts first in the field, inspecting the shape and look of the different olive types', followed by a walk through the press and sit down for a guided olive oil tasting.